Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lake Waconia Tri

I had the Lake Waconia Tri today. They shortened the race from 1/2 mile swim to 1/4 mile because of the heavy 20+ MPH winds and some nice heavy chop. My second time on Lake Waconia with the same conditions, even last time in a boat it was rough. It was good to hear times were 1.2-1.5 as much due to the chop, it makes me feel a bit better. A word of advise, swimming with goggles for the first time in a race is a bad idea! They fogged up and I sawm with 50% visibility for a while.

The wind was a challenge the first half of the bike with some ups and downs. I made great time on the back half thankfully. All things considered I am pretty happy with my time on the bike since this was a 20 mile segment.

I cannot wait to get some longer runs for marathon training in, hopefully they will help out my runs having exerted energy for a good while before the final 3-5 miles. My time was pretty close to my average, but included some stretch time.

Overall I finished 1 hour 57 minutes for a 1/4 swim, 20 bike, 4 run.

Chisago Lakes Spirt is about a month away, time to start drilling long runs for the marathon and get some heavy bike time in. Hopefully more hills and into the wind to better prepare me for race day.

Looking forward to working with my new Garmin Forerunner 305. I will be posting an indepth review as I start learning the device.

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