Thursday, July 2, 2009

Next Tri Planned

Last night my wife and registered for the Waseca Sprint Tri to be held on August 2nd. This will give me 4 weeks of training between races for this one. 1/4 Swim, 14 Bike, 4.4 Run. This should be a good challenge that I can really work on my time. I have gotten some good workouts in this week already in the mornings while it was cool out. I am finding it difficult to train for the Twin Cities Marathon and train to be more competitive in my sprints.

I know one point of focus for me would be to improve my running times. I hope that the endurance aspect of marathon training helps me to store up some energy for the run finish. My 8 mile run this morning was just under a 9:00/mile average which is an improvement and what I would ideally average for the whole thing. I would like to get down to 8 minute miles for the triathlons if not even a bit lower. I am in the process of writing my review about the Garmin 305 and I will sneak a little teaser in... It has helped me initially by keeping my pace up and not losing speed as I progress through the run. More on the review later.

It was a little demoralizing the initial settings of the Garmin software said my pace would range between a jog and a fast jog! I think I need to revise how that works. I am also playing around with Sport Tracks to compare the two and see which I prefer.

I am enjoying every moment of the triathlon experience including training! I plan on doing the Waseca Sprint, St Paul Sprint, and finally the Square Lake Sprint. If I get very ambitious I would love to go back to my alma mater and do the University of Iowa Sprint Tri in September, but that is still up in the air.

I am hoping to see improvement in my age group rankings. My first race I was 20/32 and my second I was 14/21. Both would be low section of the middle third. My goal for the year is to finish in the top half of my age group at one of the races and start reaching for the top 1/3 of my age group.


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