Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Something to keep you going

I sit and write this message while wishing I were feeling better.  I seemed to have picked up a bug this past weekend that is making me extremely miserable.  Luckily for the most part this is all in my sinus and head, although I am run down, I think I am safe to say its not the flu.  This will be a rather short post since I am lacking energy in general.


I have had some extremely good workouts recently, a 3.65 mile run that was done at 8:15 pace.  Hey it was outside, that makes it good in general.  I had a pretty heavy swim week last week ending on Saturday with a 1000 yd TT at 16:34.  Not too bad, gives me an idea of my baseline and what to expect for next spring.  I got in the pool again on Monday despite feeling the onset of a cold for a good workout, about 2300 yards, during one of the main sets it had me do 100 yards at RPE 9, I came in right at 1:20, not anything to brag too much about, but still good for me.


Today was spent at home relaxing and trying to get better, although I still had to dial in to work for a little while, for the most part the day was relaxing.  I just wish I could kick the cold, it bothers me not being able to train!  I will probably take a couple of days off so I can make sure to recover before hitting it again.

A few things that keep me going through this time.  A new package came with another item for the future Hydration Post, this one I am very excited about and if I muster up some energy today I will start adding to that draft.  Another item on its way to me is a pair of Shimano TR51 shoes.  I cannot wait to get these to me.  My old shoes just never quite fit right so I think these will do the trick.  One strap will make transitions and maybe someday a flying mount a bit easier. 

Back to rest, movies, and an occasional nap for the rest of the day and evening, hopefully I will start getting some energy back tomorrow.  I may have to sneak in a few games of COD:MW2 tonight at some point if I am feeling up to it!

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