Monday, November 1, 2010

I am not lost/missing/dead!

Life has been busy at best recently.  A slew of activities taking much of my time outside of a busy work schedule has kept me from some of the "extras" in my life.  I have even been slacking recently for workouts.  I may have been in the pool a hand full of times in the past month, and runs/bikes are not far behind that.  It is no surprise that on some recent workouts I feel like death.  A 16-mile bike ride that felt like I was climbing in the Alps last Friday put me in place to start working out regularly. 

We are prepping for our trip to Africa in a few short weeks, luckily I will be packing some shoes (probably the VFF Bikilas) to do some running while over there.  Although life has been busy, I am trying to stay in positive spirits and look at the many blessings in my life, a great family, a job, our friends, and our health to mention a few.  I have been sending out some applications for next season, and may have heard back from one already.... reserving comments until I get some more details, but let's just say this was the big one!  Again some more to come on that as I find out more (hopefully before our trip) 

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