Tuesday, September 20, 2011

REV3 Team Application

Here Ye, Here Ye, Read all about it…

That is right, big news just came out… What you have not heard?  That is why I am putting this post out there. It is no secret of what I think about my Team Trakkers group of athletes, amateur and pro alike.  They are Legen…… wait for it…. Dary!  Yes they are that good.  I was thrilled to get home last November from our trip to Africa and receive a call from none other than Carole Sharpless with a few questions as I was applying to be a part of this team. 

I was pretty excited to hear that I had made the team, having followed many of the athletes in the past, I saw what a great group of people were involved.  I assume this is probably why they have such good retention between the years.  This just isn’t a team, it is a family.  Forget a race wheel? Someone probably can help out.  Need training advise? Plenty of that to go around.  Last race didn’t go as planned?  They will pick you right up and get you focused on the next event.  Down and out from an injury?  They will keep your spirits high and maybe even send a goodie box and get well cards! 

That is not even to mention the professional team.  This group of athletes are awesome to sit down with and have a chat, maybe even over a beer.  The pros are approachable and extremely knowledgeable, along side of being blistering fast!  At first I was a little star-struck being around, but quickly felt like I could talk to them like a friend I have known for years. 

So what does all this mean for the post?  Well, the big news is that Team Trakkers will be changing a little bit for the 2012 season.  The team will change to the Revolution 3 Triathlon Team.  Again… great… what does this mean for you?  With no further delay…. Drumroll please….

The online application to join the REV3 Amateur Triathlon Team has been posted.  Follow the link below, fill out a few easy questions, and hit submit!  We are looking for high quality people.  Note I did not say athletes.  Sure the team has Boston Qualifiers/Runners, Age Group winners, and people who are just generally FAST, but we are looking for people with character!  Social media, market exposure, community involvement, easy to talk to, and enjoying tickle fights are all things we look for.  Oh wait sorry, that last one is an inside joke from one of the current teammates.  I apologize in advance if you happen to room with that person!  Do not let that hold you back from applying.  From day one, I felt involved with the team, and cannot believe the relationships that have developed from only a year of knowing these people!

This is a great opportunity to get in on the REV3 Amateur Triathlon Sponsorship.

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