Friday, July 17, 2009

Practice what you preach...

I started taking Monday as one of my recovery days and I now believe I am going to change that. Starting the work week off and not working out makes me feel like I have been slacking the whole week. This is going to change very soon.

A summary from last week:
Sunday 7/5 - 22.84 Bike - 1:30:00 and 6.19 run - 1:02:00 (Running after eating ribs is not a good idea and this postponed my long run for the week)
Tuesday 7/7 - 12.16 run - 1:56:34 -A bit slow from what I want, but hey it was the longest run I have gotten in yet.
Wednesday 7/8 - .91 Swim - 0:40:00
Thursday 7/9 - 16.34 Bike- 0:51:41 and 3.03 Run 0:24:33
Saturday 7/11 - 15.68 Bike - 1:00:56
Sunday 7/12 - 6 Run - 0:53:56 and 6 Bike - 0:24:11

Tuesday 7/14 - 1.14 Swim Speed drills then 1/2 mile swim
Wednesday 7/15 - 16.26 Bike

And then comes the title...I play on a co-ed kickball team from work and we have had two people on our team injured this year by playing softball. I jokingly made a comment at our game Wednesday night that our team needed to sign waivers they would not participate in sports (softball in particular) that could cause injury and harm our kickball team! (It sounds serious, but we just play for fun, although we had our first loss this week) Only a few innings into the game things took a turn for the worse. A high kick in the air to the outfield right-center... I ran towards it as did our second baseman running backwards, he called it and by that time it was too late to get out of his way... did I mention he played college football? We collided and he won, impact on my left side, my ankle rolled outwards, and my knee went inwards. I ended on the ground, but at least he caught the ball. I tried to stand and could not put any pressure on it immediately. My first thought was something along the lines of "NO I still have triathlons and my marathon this year!" I manage to start putting some pressure on it and am able to stand and very lightly jog on it. I played the rest of the game, but with limited movement.

Turns out I think I got very lucky and ended with a minor sprain. I have nursed this injury far more than any other in my life. Rest, ice, compression, elevation to every detail and it is feeling a bit better today. Thursday was pretty rough walking on it much so I hope that laying low (may sneak in some arm weight training or a swim this weekend) will get me back training next week.

Of course the weather cooled down a ton the past couple of days and would be great for a long run, although a bit windy. My next race is 2 weeks away, so hopefully I can get in a couple strong workouts before then and have a few days recovery before the race and be almost 100%.

I guess of all times it could have happened this is about the best, my sister-in-law is being induced today for her second child, a baby girl, and my wife and I are volunteering at the Miracle Kids Triathlon tomorrow in Minneapolis. I am very excited to share my love of the sport with some kids and make it a great experience. I wish I would have gotten involved with something like this at such a young age.

I will add some pictures tomorrow after the event, but for now I am stuck reading blogs and webpages to get my tri fix for the day.


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