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A New Year…2010

Happy New Years to everyone.  Although I have had some time off work, I have been quite busy with the holidays so I am just now getting to the first post of the new year.  Hopefully not a reflection of how the year will go!  As many know, I am from Minnesota, and if anyone follows the national weather much, you will know the weather has been quite cold here recently.  I say quite because there were a few days it has been in double digit highs… I decided to get a workout in on New Years Eve, but quickly found my plans to go by the wayside.  I got to the gym and found out the pool was closed, not good for me who wants to go swim for 45 minutes.  As I will post in more detail later, one of my resolutions is to not get overly anxious or worried about small things in life and allow them to get me in a bad mood.  I decided to improvise and what better way to kick off the new year by starting the resolution a day early.  I went home and started to bundle up… Luckily I received some pretty good gifts at Christmas which included Yak Trax, a very nice Brooks running shell, and a blaze orange Under Armor coldgear shirt. 


I started to bundle up:

Nike Pro Insulated Running Tights

Running Shorts
Long windbreaker pants
Dry fit short socks
Knee high wool socks
Compression style long sleeve top (pretty thin layer)
Under Armor Cold Gear Top
Brooks running shell
Under Armor glove liners
Heavier pair of winter gloves
Stocking hat
Yak Trax on my regular Brooks Trance 8s

I tossed the Garmin 310xt on the outside of the shell to give it a shot outside for the first time.  It was a tight fit over all the layers, but I got it worked out.  Off I went.  The workout called for 80 minutes with strides every 10 minutes.  I have not found exactly what is meant by strides, so I just extended my stride and increase the pace for a minute and then return to the normal running cadence/speed.  I was not sure waht to expect on my first frigid run.  I left and the temp outside was around 8 F.  The first mile felt good, brisk, but good.  I ran past a liquor store that is located on the south of the road I was running on, turned and headed north.  For over a half of a mile, there were cars lined up to go through the light and into the liquor store (the only reason to be in that lane and thus go straight through the light)  I would suggested that they add better planning to their 2010 resolution list!  I continued on my run, going to about mile 2.25 where I reached the first big intersection I had to cross.  At this point, I am warmed up and feeling stable on my feet although the sidewalks are packed snow.  I cross the intersection after waiting a couple of minutes.  I had to climb over a huge pile of snow to push the crosswalk button.  The sidewalk on this side of the road was a bit rougher than before.  A plow had gone by and kicked up chunks of snow, thus making my path feel more like I was trail running with softball size rocks.  I slowed my speed to deal with the uneven surfaces and then ran out of it half a mile later.

A few sections of the run had newly tossed snow that made my legs mimic the feeling of running in sand.  It added some challenge to the run, but I have run on the beach before when I used to travel, no biggy.  I kept pushing forward doing my strides, crossing a few more streets and continuing on my loop.  I decided to change from my 6 mile route to my 8 mile route since I knew I was on pace to be home much earlier than the 80 minute run scheduled.  A little past mile 5, I turn on the road that will take me almost the whole way home, a good solid 2 mile stretch with a fair hill to climb, oh yes, also directly into the wind.   I kept pushing through the run keeping my pace pretty steady, but now feeling the bite of the wind.  Every time I had to stop at a light, starting back up got a bit more difficult as the chill got a bit more intense each time.  I ran home, finishing 7.6 miles in 71 minutes, not too bad for the first time out in snow and single digits.  Note to self, I need to enable auto pause when running outside next time.

After i got inside and stretched out a little, I headed upstairs to start peeling off layers and I found this little present:
PictureYes… that is an icicle hanging from my hat.  They were on each side and over an inch long after I had been inside for a few minutes.  I cannot wait for the next run!

Speaking of resolutions, I have set some for myself.  Since they always say to write your goals, I did, and took it another step to let people know what they are so I stick to them.  Before I say my resolutions/goals for 2010, I will preface the first with saying a bunch of people I work with started up another health challenge.  In the past they have done it based on % weight loss, they now changed it to calories burned over a period of time based on an list of standard values by activity.  This will be the first challenge I have participated in.  I will try to post up the list of activities shortly.  We are using numbers for someone weighing 190 lbs.  Some activities I agree with more than others, but it is interesting.


Resolutions/Goals 2010:
160 lbs by May 1 (8 lbs or so since I put a few back on during the holidays)
Find a good work, life, exercise balance

Do not stress about little things (also realize that most things are little)
Update the blog more often and include more pictures
Start using my DSLR more

Tri Goals:

   New Brighton Race (6/5/2010)

      1:30/100 yd swim over 1/2 mile

      20 MPH Garmin Average on bike (<42 min bike, 14 miles)
      Sub 22 minute run (3 miles)
      Overall time under 1:20
      Ideally shooting for 1:15
  Sprint Course 21 MPH Garmin Average
  First “test” FTP = 260, Improve to 286 by race season

Sine I cannot control who shows up on at a race on any given day, I am not going to list placing in my Age Group as a goal.  I am just using numbers from last year to gauge finishing times that would be worthy of those positions for 2009 races.

On one final note, I lucked out.  My iPhone went on the fritz the past few days, vibrating when I would touch the screen as if it were toggling between silent and ring, except that it was almost always in silent mode, even when I wanted it to ring… not good when I am on call in the middle of the night.  I took it in to have it looked at, and walked out with a replacement, 11 days of warranty left… whew!

Next week will have some big posts, stay tuned!!!


Maureen January 8, 2010 at 9:45 AM  

The icicle is funny! Good luck with your goals! New Trance 9's are out you should give em a look!

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