Sunday, March 28, 2010

Random Happenings

Where to begin, I will not start with saying how long its been since I have posted and that I am going to work on updating more often, because I do that a lot, and fail to keep going with it.  My recent weeks have been run/bike focused since I am banned from the pool by the doctor still.  I do think that I will be able to get back in the pool with very little pain at all as I can keep my wrist pretty rigid, now climbing out of the pool may be another story. 


I have gotten in some good runs at easy paces after biking to get back in the feel of the transition off the bike.  I did manage to squeeze in an 8 mile run yesterday and felt like a million bucks!  I have had some time to reflect on training etc and realize that I am probably going to need to revisit my goals for the season.  I think I am getting stronger on the bike, but I have yet to go outside yet, hopefully I will see more improvement when I am done on the stinking trainer.  Luckily today looks amazing out, but there is a very blustery wind that quickly reminds me why I dislike Minnesota.  Later this week is a possible 75 degree day, I may have to put the rubber on the road and hope I can steer well with my splint still!

My wife and I, still both mid 20s, went to see the movie How To Train Your Dragon in 3D this weekend.  Although aimed at a much younger demographic, I was surprised to see the range of ages at the show.  It was a good movie, probably worth the 3D surcharge if you see it during the day.  It could make for an expensive night the way movie prices have gone up.  I was impressed with the film, it is amazing what they can do and how realistic it can look.  We also picked up The Blind Side this weekend and watched it again.  What an amazing movie! 
the-blind-side-posterI almost made a trip to the local tri shop this weekend, although it is nearly an hour from home for me.  I restrained myself, and its a good thing… or bad depending how you look at it.  A co-worker went and took this picture:
GW postWho can argue with that logic?  I think it is better that I did not go, I could have come home with some things I did not need for sure!  

Nice short holiday week this week since we get Good Friday off.  I hope to get a few rides and runs in early in the week and will probably make an attempt at the pool sometime this weekend, just a couple days early of when they approved me to go back to swimming.  Have a good week everyone! 


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