Monday, July 26, 2010

The EPIC Journey begins…

I had planned on August being a busy month, but as time passed over the spring and summer, I realized that August would be a very busy month.  Last Friday August became … EPIC.  Let’s rewind to last winter, when I registered for the St Paul Sprint Tri when it was half price entries.

St Paul Sprint Tri – August 22

I did the first annual Waseca Sprint last year, and had planned on doing that race on August 1st.  After looking at some schedules, I found that Camp Courageous was hosting a first annual very close to the town I grew up, so I opted for the Camp Courageous tri on the first so my parents could come watch a race this year.


Camp Courageous Sprint Tri – August 1

I am sure everyone can attest to the things we do for this sport… getting up at or before 4 AM to be at a race, driving how many hours, and expecting to perform at our highest levels.  Well what better way to reward yourself, but with a tri that is in your backyard.  I found the Lake Marion Tri in Lakeville, ok not my backyard, but 2 blocks to the south is Lakeville, so the closest race I will find until we move. 

Lake Marion Sprint Tri - August 15

My wife picked up distance running last year when she ran the Twin Cities 10 Mile, her goal for this year was to run a Half Marathon.  She registered for the Urban Wildland Half Marathon on August 7th after we got a discount code through our run club at work.  After a couple weeks of debating, I figured I would run it as well.  I have never run this distance before, but wanted to go out and push a pace to see what I could do in hopes of lowering my marathon time and someday within the next 5 years be able to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Urban Wildland Half Marathon – August 7

So, 4 weeks in a row, not too shabby!  August would push my ability to train and recover properly between races towards the end of the season, yet hopefully continue to improve my performances in a year that has shown so much potential.


After my Lifetime Fitness Race Report, an email exchange, and getting approval from the CFO (read my better half) the Chicago Triathlon was added to my August schedule on August 29.  This is a large race, significantly larger than the Lifetime Fitness Tri in Minneapolis which will be amazing to experience.  I am going to save a few other things for a later post, but man I am stoked to do this race and get to enjoy some time in the Chi Town.  If only I could work it to see a Cubs game while there!


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