Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekly Ramblings - 1/24/2011

Since I am just kicking off my official 16 week program to take me up to Knoxville, I figured having something to hold me more accountable and listing weekly activities, miles, etc will make me think twice about backing out of a workout.  I will keep details to a minimum although I am designing the plan from a mix of sources.

Monday: S-1800 Yards(36 Mins) , B-14.55 Miles (50 minutes) - 20 Min FTP Test
Tuesday: R- 6.22 miles (46 Min)- 7:26/mile pace
Wednesday: S-2000 Yards (39 Mins) B- 16.85 Miles (1 Hour)
Thursday: S-1700 Yards(31 Mins) R-6.1 miles (52 Min)
Friday: B- 15.27 Miles (56 minutes) - 5 Min FTP Test
Saturday: St Paul Winter Carnival Half Marathon: R - 11.83 Miles (1:28:41)
Sunday: B- 16.52 Miles (60 Mins)

Distance Time
Swim Totals 5500 Yards 1 hr 46 min
Bike Totals 63.19 Miles 3 hr 56 min
Run Totals 24.15 Miles 3 hr 7 min
Total Volume
 8 hr 49 min

This seems to be the first week in a long time that I have hit every workout scheduled, including a longer run or in this case a race.

The purpose of the week was to jump-start my training on the right foot, that meant hitting my prescribed workouts, keeping my nutrition in check, and start getting into the mentality of preparing for a race.  Mentally it is hard when the temps are still freezing, albeit not as cold as the last few weeks.  I am anxiously awaiting an early thaw to put the rubber on the road!

After much deliberation, I have made up my mind, and will be going with the Kestrel 4000 Ultegra Build for my race setup this year.  I plan on changing a few things up, adding some Zipp R2C shifters from and my race wheels will be Hed Stinger 90s with a wheelbuilder cover.  It will be a change riding on tubulars, but I am excited for the change!  I will probably have some custom decals for the wheels made down the road as well!  Excited to get all the pieces and start building this beauty up!

With as much success with nutrition and training this week as I had, I sure let it slip from mid-day Saturday to Sunday night.  I had a lot of junk food and spent a lot of hours at Buffalo Wild Wings!  We went with some friends to hang out and ended up staying up way later than expected and consuming way more than I should have!  I am now paying for it.  Next step for nutrition is to nail it all week long, and not slip on the weekends.

It was announced last week that SBRSports has signed on as a sponsor for the 2011 Team Trakkers. We also got word that Canari will be doing our team apparel!  I am looking forward to seeing the design for 2011.  My first pair of bike shorts were Canari brand, so looking forward to racing in their gear!

I got hotel, air, and ground transportation all figured out for Rev3 Knoxville Olympic on May 15.  This will be my farthest destination traveled yet to a race, previously it was the Chicago Tri.  I am glad to have the logistics taken care of, and only the training to worry about!

Feature Blogs of the Week:
This started only a week ago on my blog, but take a chance to check out a few other blogs, leave comments on their recent posts or better yet become a follower so you can keep up with their updates! Oddly enough the first 3 random numbers were the same!  Finally I got a new number and this weeks random blogs:

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Jeff - DangleTheCarrot January 31, 2011 at 9:14 AM  

Nice volume Jeff! Can't wait to get fit on the Kestrels -- so damn sexy!

Michael Hutto January 31, 2011 at 4:44 PM  

I'm working with my old sponsors wheeltags on some ideas for pimping out our trakkers wheeltags!

Colleen January 31, 2011 at 7:45 PM  

Great job hitting all your workouts Jeff! :) And good choice with the bike... I think we're going to love them!

Caratunk Girl February 4, 2011 at 6:42 PM  

WOW, nice volume, way to go hitting your workouts!!! Can't wait to see your bike!

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