Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekly Ramblings - 1/31/2011

Here are the workouts for Week 2 of Rev 3 Knoxville prep. There were ups and downs about my training this week.  On the docket, was 5950 Yards of swimming, 2:29 running, and since I am making my own plan, I had 4 bike rides scheduled (3 to work on building FTP and 1 longer ride) somewhere around 4:45 total (1:45 longer ride)  I hit everything except the long ride, thanks to last minute plans for a superbowl get together.  In the grand scheme of things, it is early and the 1 ride is not going to make a difference, but it is the mental slip that makes it hard to deal with!

Monday: S- 1900 Yards (37 Minutes), B-15.66 Miles (55 minutes)
Tuesday: R- 6.19 Miles (52:42 Minutes)
Wednesday: S- 2200 Yards (42:35 Minutes), B- 16.2 Miles (57:46 Minutes)
Thursday: R- 6.25 Miles (50:34)
Friday: B- 18.37 Miles (65:40 Minutes) 
Saturday: R- 8.21 Miles (69:45 Minutes)
Sunday: S- 2300 Yards (39:23 Minutes)

Swim Totals
6400 Yards
2 hr 9 min
Bike Totals
50.23 Miles
2 hr 58 min
Run Totals
20.65 Miles
2 hr 53 min
Total Volume

8 hr 0 min

Although I am creating my own plans this year, did you know that Rev 3 offers free training plans if you are registered for an event?  Check them out on their webpage.  Need more than a basic training plan?  They also offer in-depth plans at very reasonable rates:

  • Rev3 12- Week Olympic Plan: $120
  • Rev3 16-week Half Plan: $130
  • Rev3 20-week Full Plans: $140
Finally, if you are wanting the extra attention of a personal coach, they offer that as well.  Joanna Zeiger and Carole Sharpless are two of the coaches working with Rev 3 for this option.  Both are highly qualified ladies that will find pleasure in kicking your butt into a PR for your next big Rev 3 Race. 

I had a good week of workouts that went pretty well (despite the one missing long ride.)  I even suffered through a treadmill run on Thursday night!  The first mile and a half were rough, partially because of the treadmill, partially because of me disliking the treadmill, but after that it was smooth sailing, until the 5x20 strides at 10 MPH, but even they were manageable. Saturday I had a run outside that was great weather for running outdoors. 

Now it is time to vent and create a public service announcement.  To the asshole uneducated driver whom I had an encounter with on Saturday, a stop sign is there for a purpose.  It does not mean to roll through with caution.  It is there for your own good.  Error number 1, you rolled through the stop sign.  As you were doing so, you clearly made eye contact with me running, yet you continued to roll forward into the cross walk.
So the horizontal lines in this picture indicate a cross walk and the thick white line to the right is the line you are supposed to stop at.  Stop before you get to this line, so that people walking across the street can do so without your car being in the way.  Error number 2, you rolled through and then stopped on the cross walk. 

As I was running behind your car, being considerate as to not risk my life running in front of you, you were rolling forward and as I went to round the back corner of the car, you slammed on your brakes, about making me body check your Chrysler 300.  No harm no foul.

Yes you did deserve the 'Really?  Really?!?!' Look and exclamation because you almost ran me over, then almost made me check the back of your car.  At no point in this did I curse or do anything illegal or in the wrong, so what made you hit the gas, peel around the corner like a bat out of hell, roll down your window and exclaim that you are a "Faggot!" to me?

Now you have my attention, and get a few words of my mind.  You sir are also the reason I would like to start running with a golf ball size rock when I run.  Since there was snow around, I wish I would have thought of rolling a snowball and tossing it in your window at you to cool you off. 

I would love to understand your thinking that I was anyway in the wrong in this situation prior to your exclamation. 

Saturday night was a card night with some people from work.  I ended up 2nd out of the bunch and was able to finish ahead for a change!  I should have the result of the winnings later this week, along with some other things I know should be arriving shortly.  It will be like Christmas all over again this week I have a feeling!

On to other notes.  We had a last minute change to watch the super bowl and I made some of my guacamole which I realize I have not put a recipe up for yet!  Note to self, do that sometime soon Jeff!  We also had to stop and pick up some Papa Murphy's bread sticks, while inside, I was enticed by the smores  dessert pizza.  I broke and picked it up, planning on not having any bread sticks, but only a slice of the chocolate and marshmallow goodness.  Well... my will-power broke, and it was more than a slice, in fact it was more than 2...  Let's just say I did not want it to go to waste. All the hard work all week, out the window! 

Again what a great set of people, I have been able to leverage the knowledge of others to learn some new recipes.  Check out Andree's Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup.  My wife is not a big soup eatter, and she criticized the look/texture, but agreed the taste was phenomenal.  I am looking forward to lunches this week.  It packs a heck of a punch and fights off hunger!  I would have to say the secret lies in the cinnamon and ginger.  Mmmmm! 


Jeff - DangleTheCarrot February 7, 2011 at 7:04 AM  

Good training week Jeff! Don't beat your self up over the missed ride - you got lots of time still!

Colleen February 7, 2011 at 10:43 AM  

Great training week Jeff! And I got so frustrated reading about that driver. We always have run-ins with drivers and they always act like we are the worst people in the world for following the rules of the road. It's bad... we've hit cars with waterbottles as they get so close to us, trying to run us off the road. It's dangerous...

And totally unrelated... but that smores pizza looks yummo!

Kacie Darden February 7, 2011 at 5:48 PM  

Awesome training!

That pizza looks crazy good. Sometimes it is worth it!

Caratunk Girl February 8, 2011 at 7:55 AM  

Great training!! Like Jeff said, don't beat yourself up. As long as you are consistently training - not consistently missing workouts, you will be fine.

Seriously. I am trying to cut sugar out and you post a picture of that pizza?? DROOL!!! :)

Mark February 13, 2011 at 5:44 AM  

Those are some great numbers homeslice. For some reason the pool mileage always look like a lot to me. It could be 100 yards, and I would say "Darn.... 100 yards? That dude can swim!"

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