Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Race Report: New Brighton Sprint Triathlon 2011

Nothing terribly eventful here. I was using a free entry into this race and there were some hold-ups in the system, mostly with my packet not being there, but they got things sorted out and before I knew it, I was in transition getting everything ready.  The weather was going to be just about perfect, mid to high 60s water, sunny, and almost no wind! I got in a warm-up on the bike, and a short run and felt great while sipping on my First Endurance cocktail of EFS Drink and Pre-Race.  At about 10 minutes to 8, I snagged my TYR Cat 5 Wetsuit and headed to the water for a quick warmup.  Nothing terribly eventful here, felt good, fluid, very floaty (technical term) and ready to go.  The water was about perfect with a full sleeve wetsuit. 

Half mile, Garmin in my cap, triangle shape out and back style.  I started right up front (knowing I would not exit with the leaders, but mostly trying to avoid the crowd at least.  Off we went, and I started faster than I should have, I was feeling good and decided to go with it.  Unfortunately my training has changed a bit, so a lot of my effort has been spent doing 100 repeats and not holding it for a half a mile.  I was about 2/3 of the way out before I felt myself letting off a bit, not getting comfortable, just losing form and strength in the pull.  A good turn around, and I was aimed back at shore.  My sighting was a bit off on the way in, partially into the sun, and who knows what other excuse! 

I felt like the course was a bit long, although the Garmin said it was .51 miles.  Maybe it was just a bit longer than years past, because swim times did look a bit slower than one would have expected.

Transition 1:
I felt like my first year all over again.  I was a bit disoriented and struggled getting my wetsuit off my ankles.  After fumbling around a while, I was able to run out and get on with the show.

From bad to worse.  I have no clue what happened on the bike, but I had nothing.  As soon as I started pedaling, my glutes and legs felt like they had gotten done doing about 1000 squats or lunges.  I could not generate power for the life of me, I could have walked a few of the hills quicker than I seemed to be biking up them, and all around, I was shot.  I have absolutely no explanation for this outside of having felt sluggish all  week.  I was shooting for 250 watts and being in the higher 23 MPH Range, that was not happening!  I started getting passed by people left and right, having Clydesdales climb quicker than I was, ugh what a day!  I was mentally checked out of this race very early. 

Transition 2:
Outside of forgetting my race belt after a few steps and a quick turn-around to grab it, nothing crazy here. 

Oh yay, finally the last leg.  Right away I knew that a 20 minute 5k was about as likely to happen as winning the lottery.  I tried to hold on to something in the higher 6 minute pace, and quickly found myself right at 7s.  They were painful 7s at that!  My lungs were burning, stomach about ready to heave, and legs still felt like I had already run 20 miles.  I plugged away, got chick’d about half way through (not to mention the one who flew past me on the bike) and decided to try and hold her pace (right at 7 min miles) We flip flopped a few times and as I entered the wooded trail, I knew I had a pack of 3 hanging on my heels.  I heard one chatty guy offering his 2 cents to people, breathe this way, relax that, one foot in front of the other.  Thanks buddy, as if I didn’t already know how to run.  I did hear one guy say he was just following “the guy in green” (that was me).  I responded saying he better not be in my AG and make a pass in the last 100 yards or I would be pissed!  As we hit the turn around with about a mile to go, I finally got some legs.  As we entered the woods again, I picked it up a bit, wanting to catch back up to Mr Running Coach who was about 30 yards ahead.  His pace was slowing, and mine was getting faster, so it did not take long to pass him.  Then my focus was on making sure to keep him behind me, and not get  out sprinted at the end, so I pushed a bit harder.  A quick glance backwards and I hardly could see him and ran it out. 

Results were sucktastic.  Overall the times seemed slow from what I would have expected and years past.  I don’t know if the swim was a bit long or if the bike changed a bit, but I ended 2 minutes SLOW of my time last year.  The best thing that came from this race is that eventually, I knew I was going to do a race and not set a new PR on that course.  Sure, not the race I would have liked that to happen on, but it was bound to happen.   All I can do is take it as a learning experience and go with it.  My race with Jared can hardly be considered a race.  I guess I was not terribly far behind out of the swim, but it was game over from there.  Oh well, one race in the books that did not go nearly as well as I had intended, keep training with the long term goal in mind!


Emily W June 15, 2011 at 7:18 AM  

Hey Jeff. My time was slower too, the swim was definitely longer than last year (although probably accurate). It definitely messes with your head! I hate not improving every time too. It was nice chatting with you.

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