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Weekly Ramblings - 5/23/11

This is not going to be in the normal format, frankly because I am feeling lazy.  I had a good workout week last week including a solid ride on Saturday morning (which turned out to be a great day despite what the worthless weatherman would have you believe...)  I am about ready to start flipping a coin, and I would expect better accuracy than they can give me.  I had my longest solo tri bike ride, 54.5 miles, 2:39, 1 flat tire, 40.3 MPH max speed... WEEEE!!!, 204 watts, 90 RPM... numbers numbers.  It just felt good to be out and riding.  That is until I hit the last segment, and by last segment I really mean the last 1/3 of the ride where I went back into the wind.  I was elated to be outside and riding a longer distance, it was a great day, changed my own flat (first time I have had the stuff with and flatted), didn't waste my CO2 etc! 

I had a rough weekend of eating!  We went out a lot with family, had lots of snack foods, and I feel miserable this week!  Zero energy, luckily as I actually start doing workouts it comes back, but motivation to do them is what is killing me.  Time to get back on proper eating especially since I race this weekend.

Some may know that I am doing New Brighton (provided my registration got there with no issues.)  This is where triathlon started for me.  I did a 1:34:36 my first year, and came back a year later to run a 1:13:50.  While I know another 20 minute gain is out of the question, a 10 minute gain would put me at the course record... here is where it gets tough, the last little bit, the push to make seconds count, to make your body ignore the voice inside that says to let off the pedals just a bit.  Oh no... there will be none of that.  I know I am capable of a heck of a race, and plan on executing!

Last year I did a practice swim with Jared... ahh Jared!  I came out of the water a minute behind him last year but made up two on the bike, the problem... Jared is a runner, it was not long before he ran past me like I was standing still.  His 19 minute 5k was enough to gain him about 3 minutes on me.  The final result, he finished a bit over 2 minutes ahead of me.  People often talk about having a nemesis in racing, I think Jared is as close as I get to that.  I do not know that I would call him a nemesis, but rather a mark to shoot at.  I suppose I pick him because I know he is racing the race, I know that we are similar (all three combined) abilities, and the fact that we swam together once adds a personal touch to it.  Sure I could pick any other random 25-29 Male, but this makes it a bit more fun.  Will I be mad if he beats me? Absolutely not.  I know where my fitness is at, and I have found this new thing called the Hurt Box... yep we have all heard it, but this weekend I plan on spending some time there. 

No more slightly uncomfortable swims.... the pace = balls out, hopefully I do not end up like this:

Uneventful T1
Bike... Jared said he was not worried about my bike... I have been feeling really good on the bike this year, so does that mean he is also feeling good? who knows... but I know this is going to be the area where I throw out any doubts or feelings of being uncomfortable.  It is 14 miles... which could mean 12 or 16... but I know that I can make my legs push this section hard.
Uneventful T2
Run - I would be silly to say that I am not intimidated by his run a bit, I am getting better, sure I have broken my 20 minute 5k PR this season.  I know I need a lead going into the run, and I know I have to push beyond uncomfortable on the run.  What does that mean? Well that means running faster for 5k than I have before... The rest is just numbers...

Looking forward to this annual race to test my gains for the year.  I am not putting times/paces/places out there for this race.  I am just going to race.... hard.  In 2 weeks I have another short sprint race that I plan on pushing just as hard as my body can go.  I want to have nothing left at the end, having coasted in on fumes!


Emily W June 2, 2011 at 6:40 AM  

I wish I wasn't still going to be out on the bike course when you and Jared finish, because I am sure it will be a fight to the death! I can't wait to hear about it.
-Emily (BikerGrrrl)

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