Monday, May 23, 2011

Open Season

After finishing up the Rev3 Knoxville Olympic race, and being thrilled with my results, I took a bit of a recovery week.  Partially by choice, partially due to some crummy weather recently.  I did some activity this week, we will call most of it cross training, you know things like mowing, building a raised garden in our back yard, included hauling dirt.  I did squeeze a run in there as well. 

I have been very indecisive about my season this year.  I registered for the Rev3 Cedar Point Half, but had a period where I thought I may not end up going that direction and just focusing on the Lake Marion Olympic (Lakeville, MN) distance as my A race late in the season.  After going to Knoxville, I quickly changed my mind about abandoning the Half at Cedar Point!  I loved hanging out with my teammates, not to mention the amazing venue, plus Rev3 puts on an amazing race! 

What does that mean? Well I have a 20 week program that I am going to use for the half, using the past week as a recovery week and building on the base I have gained already, I am starting in week 5 this week!  The plan will be pretty standard 3 weeks on followed by a recovery week.  I am focusing my efforts on this race.  I have some other races through the season:

New Brighton Sprint - 6/4
MS150 - 6/11-12
Mason City Sprint - 6/18
Waconia - 6/26
7/17 will be either Chaska or TriTonka sprint race
Camp Courageous Sprint 8/7 - With my brother and his wife
Lake Marion Oly - 8/21
Cedar Point Half - 9/11

The season is falling into place.  Unfortunately I only have 2 races that fall on recovery weeks.  Mason City, this is a very small race from what I have seen, I am doing it along with my FIL.  I would love to do well at New Brighton as this is my inaugural race, but it will be right in the middle of building phase, oh well. 

Secondly the weekend of 7/17 will be a sprint race that I can actually plan into my schedule, a sprint course refresher on a recovery week, either race will be new to me!

I will miss my week 16 recovery week race, but have a sprint on the short side (although following one of the heaviest build periods) and an Olympic in the second highest volume week, I am quite excited for this season to pan out!


Colleen May 31, 2011 at 8:22 PM  

Looks like a busy schedule, but I love racing so my schedule is packed full too! Glad you'll be at Cp - it's going to be a crazy fun race!

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