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Weekly Ramblings - 4/25/11

Well there has been a lot of buzz in the past day about Osama bin Laden being killed by US Forces.  While this is a great milestone, it does not mean we should let our guard down.  There will always be another person to step in willing to fill the role and carry out the actions and beliefs.  To see how much buzz is following the news shows how interested people are and how behind their country they are.  As with any government/political news, you will always get 2 sides.  When I first saw the news, it was on ABC and the reporter there said something like "Obama, er Osama Bin Laden has been killed" this ties directly out with the picture I saw posted by someone from Fox News where the banner said Obama bin Laden has been killed.  While I did not see the banner on Fox News, so it could have been fixed in photoshop, I believe you will always have this from both sides.  Sure there are questions about if it was really him and people want to see a long form death certificate, and he was "conveniently" burried at sea, but my main point is whatever side you align with, I think it is safe to say this came as welcome news to most.  A special thanks to our troops that have been involved anywhere in the process.  

Last week was a heavy week with some intense workouts, getting ready to peak for Knoxville.  I missed one bike workout and my 5k at work got shortened so it was a bit short of my workout plans.  It was a good week, the 5k hurt, I always forget how many stinking hills there are.  I am in pretty good shape at this point, and was still hurting on the course.  My swims have been feeling really good.  Times are getting better each workout, especially over the past few weeks, I am able to hold a pace longer and with less effort!  The bike has been good, especially with the volume I have been doing.  The weather here is still far from spring, so it takes a lot for me to get out on the bike, and it takes even more to ride on the trainer anymore.  Running is going well, things are clicking just as expected I would say.

Friday was a big day, I did a lunch swim, and then after work a 90 minute bike and 45 minute run brick workout.  This is my first brick of the season.  I held about 234 watts on the bike, where I also was getting used to my race wheels.  Holy cow a 90 front is a lot different than a 60!  I was pretty happy to see my run pace where it was for the 45 minutes.  This gave me a very strong feeling for Knoxville, and wondering how the Siouxperman Tri will go. 

Week 7
Monday: S- 2700 Yards (49:33 Minutes)B - 32.12 Miles (91:08 minutes)
Tuesday: R - 7.92 Miles (57:11 Minutes)
Wednesday: S - 2800 Yards (53:08 Minutes)
Thursday:  R - 2.21 Miles (15:19 Minutes+10 Min warmup) - abbreviated 5k had warmups, just not tracked
Friday: S - 2350 Yards (38:06 Minutes), B - 32.11 Miles (91:32 Minutes)/R - 6.51 Miles (45:02 Minutes)Brick workout
Saturday: Day Off 
Sunday: R - 7.44 Miles (62:26 Minutes) 

Swim Totals
7850 Yards
2 hr 20 min
Bike Totals
64.23 Miles
3 hr 2 min
Run Totals
24.08 Miles
3 hr 10 min
Total Volume

8 hr 32 min

I had a pretty regular week at work, and nothing too out of the ordinary, except a few evening events which conflicted with some of my workouts, I think for the most part, I got in what mattered, only wishing I had gotten one more bike effort in.  The weather here has been crummy at best.  May 1, we got snow, today... May 2, I saw some snow flakes.  Come on really?!?!  I cannot wait for spring, or heck at that matter summer to get here.  It has been a wonderful week, despite the weather.  I am very anxious to be racing this weekend especially since my Trakkers kit came in.  This is one snazzy outfit!  Look for debut pics this weekend! Make sure to follow me on twitter @jvanistri as that will be where the first pics end up. 

I am getting back in the swing of things, blogging, reading blogs, and focusing on racing!  I kick off the season this weekend with a sprint which will hopefully give me a good idea of what to expect at Rev3 Knoxville.  Especially after my brick workout on Friday, I am feeling very confident about my fitness and where I want to be, pay attention next week for the Knoxville Pre-Race Report.  I should have the Siouxperman Tri Pre-Race Report up soon, probably tonight. 

Who doesn't like pictures?  Well here you go!  My Kestrel Airfoil Pro SL with HED Stinger 90s and cover ready to roll.  Only a few small tweaks to get it ready for racing this weekend!  My second pair of Avia Bolt IIIs came in this week.  I love them!  They are some flashy colors, and there have been some great changes between the II and the III models.  I am excited to start breaking these in! 


Jeff - DangleTheCarrot May 2, 2011 at 6:50 AM  

Good week Jeff! Bike looks great!

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