Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Early Week Progress

I have started off the week on a good foot with a nice 5.28 run on Sunday for recovery and felt strong after the long run on Friday.  I found out Monday that I will be getting an entry into Square lake Short Course from a co-worker.  It will be a good race for me to finish the season on: 1/2 mile swim, 18 bike, and 5 mile run.  I will push myself hard for this race and then go home and have to run a bit more for the marathon training! 

Monday brought a solid 20 mile bike where I averaged over 20 MPH with some good winds from the side, and a 6.1 mile fast run Tuesday that I completed in 48 minutes, about 7:50 a mile.  I was glad to get below 8 minutes for that distance as I have not held that pace for the longer distance yet.  Hopefully race day I can drop it down below 7:30 a mile ideally.  We will see what it brings.


On a side note, Heather and I went to pick up a few things from Dick’s Sporting Goods in Burnsville and decided we should walk around and try to find the ‘banner’ that Fairview put up for advertisement that I was involved with.  Heather had a work event at the race track and we were able to see the billboard with my face on it, but did not get a picture.  I will have to go snap a few off sometime in the near future.  When they said banner, I expected something similar to a movie poster that they would hang by the store map and directory kiosks.  We walked out of Dick’s and started walking.  It did not take me long to spot it, slightly larger than I expected.

Yes, that is an elevator the banner is hanging on.  Not real thrilled about the shirt they used, my cycling shirts must not have been a good color for the photos.  Although you cannot tell, my shorts are not bike shorts, they are actually a pair of Under Armor compression shorts since I had done a full tri that morning as practice and wanted some help with recovery. 


Rainmaker September 10, 2009 at 8:12 PM  

Dang - that's one heck of a banner - holy cow!

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