Sunday, September 20, 2009

Run, Run, Run some more!

This week could be a classic case of not taking enough recovery time after a workout.  I do not think the race was my strong effort, but I am not sure what would have zapped all of my energy.  I went out Sunday with Heather on her 7 mile run and felt good running the day after a race.  These runs are in my lower range, but help get my mileage in for the week. 

Monday I was going to bike, and realized that I left my helmet in Heather’s car.  I figured this would be a prime opportunity to test out the trainer and a Spinerval DVD that it came with.  I was not sure what to expect, but did enjoy the session.  I got a good workout from it as you can see below.
Spinerval I will be purchasing some more DVDs to get me through this winter on the trainer focusing on building my speed.  I will be making a post soon with some of my winter goals after the marathon is complete. 

Tuesday was a 6 mile run, but I felt like I was pulling a plow the entire way.  My pace was 8:17, not quite what I wanted from this workout, but none the less I got the workout complete. 

Wednesday was a good workout in the pool, working on form.  The guy that was swimming between Heather and I made us look very slow.  We both could tell how good of a swimmer he was. 

Thursday… oh Thursday.  I had some time I had to take off this week so I decided on a couple of hours Thursday afternoon and some of the day Friday.  I figured I would try and squeeze my long run in on Thursday so I could run with Heath on the weekend for her long run.  My workout was supposed to be 20 miles, my peak before the marathon.  I made the first 8 miles and managed pretty well.  I started out on the second 8 mile loop and felt like the darn plow was back for this workout.  I pushed through a few miles, but then realized I was not going to make as much as I thought and took a walk for a mile.  I ran the remainder and cut part of it short, ending just about 14 miles. 

This was a huge let down for me.  My longest run has been 16 miles, so the marathon is going to be quite the adventure.  To add in complexity on top of it, my knee has been causing me issues again.  I think I am going to see if I can get in this week and get it looked at before the race.  There is not much time left before the race, but I hope something can be done to get it a bit better.  I think its the same old ITBS as my right knee had last year.


Friday I rode the bike again for almost 21 miles since a huge combine went past me right when I was going to turn around and I would have been stuck behind him, so I went a bit further than normal.  The workout averaged 19.9 MPH, not bad over that distance. 

Sunday was Heather’s long run of 8 miles so we ran together, again my knee flared up, but this kept my HR zone very low, even dipping below my Z1 in Training Center.  I recalculated my LT zones with my 6 mile run earlier this week although I felt slow, it gave me some pretty good numbers. 

Things to look for this week: Selling my Trek, my new bike being shipped to me, some more miles running, and a few other workouts.  I have a few things in the works and cant wait for the bike to come in and get some more pictures on here.

As a final note, I just got my copy of Triathlete’s Training Bible and am very engaged in reading it.  It has grabbed my attention and hope it continues that way. 


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