Thursday, September 24, 2009

On the Juice…

So I did it… broke down and went in to visit a doctor at Fairview Sports & Orthopedic Clinic due to knee pain while running.  Note this is the same issue I was having last year, but only this time it was in the left knee.  Pretty typical ITBS just not quite as severe as when it was on my right side.  I recover much quicker, within a couple of days rather than a week of massively limping around, but none the less it still bothers me after only a few miles of running.

I made an appointment to be seen and ended up walking out with a little extra.  They did a cortisone injection to hopefully get me through the race.  I was not looking forward to this since after last year it made me almost pass out, and I am normally fine with shots and needles.  I think it was more the fact that they have to move the needle around to spread it out a little that got me.  That and the fact that when I looked down last year he had barely started the injection.  This time was better since I was laying down and not watching every move.

I dislike having to go this route, but on the same page, I want to get through the race and not be crippled for an eternity afterwards.  I want to give myself some recovery time and get back into tri training in the offseason.  My training is going to be extremely limited for the next week and a few days.  I may squeeze a 6 mile easy run in early next week to keep myself from losing too much.  I will be spending a good amount of time in the pool pushing some hard laps out for cardio work.

My Goals:


I am going to loosely throw out my goal of 10 minute miles for the marathon, putting me at a 4:20 marathon, about 28 minutes faster than last year.  I do not think this is too far of a stretch if my knee stays pain free.  All things considered under 4:30 will be pretty good for me.  Ideally I would be able to run it in under 4, but using my better judgment, I do not think that is realistic.

I mentioned I will be swimming, but not biking.  Although they said biking would be fine, there is a bit of a problem.  The Trek Equinox 5 and I parted ways Monday evening.  I got in a 30 minute Spinervals Technique drill, which I must admit provided some very good benefit.  He came and picked it up later that evening after we tweaked his position a bit for the interim until he gets a professional fit.  I think I will be looking to buy a few more Spinerval DVDs or ask for them as gifts this winter to help pass some time on the trainer.  That is of course when I get my new bike.  Now that I do not have a bike around to ride, I am extremely anxious to receive the new one.  The store received it last night and will be building it up and getting it ready to ship out to me.  (Hopefully by the end of the week)  I am very glad to have the old one gone, but I am also very ready for the new one.  It is probably good I do not have it too far in advance of the marathon.  It will force me to spend more time in the pool and not pushing hard on the bike. 

It is hard to believe less than a week and a half until the marathon.  I am nervous that I will not be able to run much before then and hope that things go well for the race.  Speaking of waiting, I am waiting for The Home Depot to call and let me know my flooring materials have arrived, it was supposed to be in Tuesday at the latest… guess that was wrong.  We had a dehumidifier overflow and stain/ruin some of our carpet in our living room.  We have decided to replace it with wood laminate flooring to match the kitchen and dining room.  I should not be in such a hurry to get the flooring since I will not put it down until after the marathon anyway to save myself some aches and pains. 

In the mean time I will be reading Triathlete’s Training Bible, BT, and SlowTwich to pass some time.  I am also currently putting together a list of recommended reads.  Hopefully most of them are available at my local library and I will be able to start reading through them over these winter months. 

One other thing I almost forgot.  We ordered our Garmin Forerunner 50 kits at Costco for 79.99 plus some tax.  I bought them for a few reasons, the first of which is the extra heart strap.  Why not have another, or maybe some day I will snag a 310xt and need a new strap for it.  Another reason, the foot pod for running indoors this winter.  I know it is not ideal, but better than nothing and a spendy accessory if you purchase it on your own.  Finally I want to have a watch for swimming since I normally do not record lap times etc.  I read some negative reviews about battery life not being great but we will see how it works out.  Last but not least, it gives me a winter project to write a review about the watch!


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