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Weekly Ramblings - 4/11/11

Well... It has been a while for a weekly post, but I could go on for days about things since the last one.  I guess life has been busy enough that I had to cut a few things out, unfortunately the weekly posts were one of the first to go.  Do not fear... they will be back. 


Week 12
I am omitting the specifics for this week, just because they are not readily available right now, but this past week was a recovery week, and the first week of peak.  It was not terribly easy, just some lighter efforts towards the end of the week.  I had 4 swims, that I believe put me over 10k in a week for the first time.  I got one outside bike in this week before the weather went south.

I have only been outside a couple of times this year on the bike, and I am already finding it hard to suit up and hit the trainer.  We have had winter weather for over 6 months.  To say that I am over it.... is an understatement.

On another note, I have been considering getting a coach for a while, a long while.  While my workouts thus far have been going really well since I started using the Triathlete Magazine Week-by-Week guide, I think I can gain even more having a coach.  Right now I am only accountable to a piece of paper and myself.  I was not actively seeking out a coach, and this opportunity just happened to come around at the right time.  We have had some good communication back and forth and are going to let me finish this plan to get me through Knoxville and then start revising my structure of workouts to focus on the race season and my second A race of the year.  Right now that race is looking to be Rev3 Cedar Point Half.  I am pretty excited to see where this will go... stay tuned for more info as time progresses.

Swim Totals
 hr  min
Bike Totals
 hr  min
Run Totals
 hr  min
Total Volume

 hr  min

I got my new TYR jammers and Nest Pro goggles.  Holy cow, I am glad to have new jammers, my old ones were almost 100% see through, not something that is real appropriate for a public pool.  I had previously been using Speedo Vanquishers, but the switch to the TYR Nest Pros has been great!  These fit so much better and do not leave me with huge rings around my eyes.  I have yet to have a problem with water getting in either!.  

This past week, I fell off the nutrition truck, got ran over by the fat bus, and had a side of I don't even care.  Yeah.... it was one of those weeks.  I tell you, it never fails to amaze me how much effort you have to put in, and then how quickly it can be reversed.  I have been a bottomless pit, especially for sweets this past week.  That has got to stop.  Part of the issue comes from not planning meals for the week ahead of time.  Check, that is already done for this week.  I think I honestly took a nearly 6-7 pound swing up this last week.  NOT GOOD! I told my better half that she better be ready for healthy meals and a lack of going out to eat until Knoxville at least.  I am a long ways from my goal weight now and not even sure if it is possible to get to with this little time, but I am going to do my best effort to get there so I am light on my feet.

The rides I have had outside have been amazing to say the least.  I have been riding the Kestrel Airfoil Pro SL... yeah Project X... watch for a post tonight about that whole project.  This bike flys.  Ok so maybe my training and legs have something to do with it, but wow.  I do not miss the P2 at all when compared to this ride. 

It is great to see so many race reports from my teammates!  The seasons are under way, and the results are looking great for everyone.  People are seeing PRs, hitting early season goals, placing in their age groups, and in general


Kacie Darden April 18, 2011 at 8:52 AM  

Nutrition IS a constant battle. I completely understand!

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