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Weekly Ramblings - 2/21/2011

Although a day late, better late than never!
This week was getting back into base training, although I had some issues with scheduling due to a crazy end of the week at work plus being on-call.  Regardless, I managed to get my 3rd swim in on Saturday morning, but lacked my longer run and bike this week.  I will just chalk it up to getting some recovery for my FTP tests this week.

Week 6
Monday: S- 2000 Yards (28:32 Minutes)B- 21.08 Miles (72:26 minutes)
Tuesday: R- 6.62 Miles (54:53 Minutes)
Wednesday: S- 2100 Yards (40:12 Minutes), B- 17.56 Miles (61:37 Minutes) 
Thursday:  R- 7.60 Miles (61:54 Minutes)
Friday: B - 22.27 Miles (80:44 Minutes) - Used last weeks numbers since I did not have sensor hooked up
Saturday: S-  2100 Yards (34:24 Minutes)
Sunday:  Day Off

Swim Totals
6200 Yards
1 hr 43 min
Bike Totals
60.91 Miles
3 hr 45 min
Run Totals
14.22 Miles
1 hr 56min
Total Volume

7 hr 22 min

I am alright with this weeks numbers, it was a crazy week, and I can use the recovery.  As busy as I was over the weekend, I managed to negate the effects of eating out a few times.  We had Granite City Friday night and PF Changs for lunch Saturday.  Both were delicious, but I felt a bit guilty, plus Subway Sunday night.  As if that wasn't a shock to my system, I made some 7-layer bars (actually 6 due to not putting nuts in)  They are made with graham cracker crust, butter, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, sweetened condensed milk, and coconut  shavings.  They were amazing, so amazing I ate nearly the whole batch this weekend with only a tiny bit of help from the Mrs.  For not having 2 workouts, I was glad to see the scale Monday morning was right what I wanted to see (optimistically, not just factoring in the foods consumed.)

The week was rough at work with some major support issues especially towards the end of the week, plus having to log in and work over the weekend!  UGH!  I did manage to get some time to work on this new secret I have yet to unveil, called Project X.  Yeah yeah not real original, but it works.  There have been some guesses, none have quite gotten it right, but I have hinted to it in the past either on the blog or on Twitter at @jvanistri

One of the closest guesses was that I got my Kestrel bike in from Trakkers.  While I did make up my mind that I will be going with the Kestrel 4000, because it is one sexy machine, that was not right.  The day I announced the secret, was also the day I put my order in for the 4000.  I went with a 50cm.  Yes that is correct, a 50cm, I still have sticker shock hearing that since I have been on a 54 P2.  I have checked, double-checked, and triple-checked, and all signs say that I am good to ride on 50, which should allow me to get some good drop and position out of it.

If you happened to miss my announcements on Twitter, here are a few pics to tease.

On the way to the bike shop to chop chop.

Lil Jon says it best "Get Low"

I have another piece arriving today, and hopefully some of the finishing touches to arrive later this week before the big unveiling. Sunday night I about gave up on my wrench skills and was going to take the bike in for some adjustments on Saturday, then patience struck, I walked away a while, and came back to get everything working. 

The weekend was also super busy because we I finally got unlazy and listed our place for rent since we are moving in 3 weeks!  I listed it around 7:30 AM on Sunday, by 4:30 we had renters.  I could not have imagined it would be this easy, and the best part, it is a 2 year lease!  Heck Yeah!  Our place is nice, there is no doubt about it, and it shows well, so I figured it would be popular, but I was not ready for it to go in such short time, but I will not argue.  I realize that I am doing something that they explained on NCIS called a positive complaint, or something like that.  I am making something great, sound negative.  Their best example, "My size 2 jeans don't fit anymore, they are too baggy!"  That cracked me up.  Now we just have to focus on packing and getting stuff moved to the new place! 

This team I tell ya! What a positive group of people ready to offer encouragement at the drop of a pin.  They are fired up for training, and some are even racing already!  Lucky ducks! Make sure to look at the Trakker Blog List to see what they are up to.  On another positive note, I happened to be the lucky winner of not one but TWO of Kelly's Spring Giveaways.  I am super pumped.  The first is a gift card for CSN Stores.  I have been wondering how we are going to fill up some space in the new place, maybe I will buy something for the home there.  A nice wine rack maybe? Or a hall bench with storage, need to do some more looking for what they have to offer there!

Secondly, I am thrilled to have won the RunningFood one as well.  I have had some chia before, and while I do not expect to run endless miles like many who read Born To Run do, I do believe in the benefits it can offer.  I have mixed it before with yogurt for a little extra.  This will be my first experience with RunningFood, I will be sure to let you know how it goes!


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