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Weekly Ramblings - 3/7/2011

Build week - I was not sure what to expect, well first I didn't expect my run on Tuesday to say 38 minutes.  Really?!? That is hardly worth getting dressed for. Luckily Tuesday was before some snow, so I had good footing.  It was certainly nothing to look down on.  A roughly 10 minute run to the nearby "lake" or pond that has a pretty nice 1/2 mile paved path around it served as my warm-up.  The next 18 minutes were ones to remember.  18x30 seconds at Lactic Intervals, 30 seconds recovery.  I don't know about anyone else, but after a few hard efforts, I know my brain is missing oxygen because it gets hard to think.  My mind goes 100 miles an hour normally, but simple things such as breathing, hitting the lap button, and trying to remember what lap I am on, and worse yet what lap pace I ran last section begin to slip away.  The run home was a bit longer than 10 minutes because I think I left my legs at the lake!  I will think twice about thinking this workout seemed out of place next time.  

The swims all week were 2500 yards, a good jump above what I had been doing.  This makes getting them in over lunch no simple task.  There is no messing around time for the hot tub or sauna.  Do you ever see those people at the gym who are always in one of those locations, I sometimes wonder if they do workout or just use the hot tub or sauna.  Speaking of sauna, guys here is a simple rule, it could be number 11 on the list hung outside of the room.  
11 - If you are inclined to use the sauna naked as a blue jay, please create a barrier between your contact points and the bench.  
(We do not want to see sweat outlines of your anatomy.)

This was do or die weekend for packing, so my long workouts on Saturday and Sunday were replaced by loading boxes and hauling things up and down steps.  Only a few days until we move!

Week 7
Monday: S- 2500 Yards (48:33 Minutes)B - 21.81 Miles (76:26 minutes)
Tuesday: R - 5.23 Miles (39:35 Minutes)
Wednesday: S - 2500 Yards (48:11 Minutes), B - 18.01 Miles (61 Minutes)
Thursday:  S - 2500 Yards (41:23 Minutes), R - 6.1 Miles (47:23 Minutes)
Friday: B - 23.71 Miles (72 Minutes)
Saturday: Day Off Packing
Sunday: Day Off Packing 

Swim Totals
2 hr 18 min
Bike Totals
63.53 Miles
3 hr 29 min
Run Totals
11.33 Miles
1 hr 27 min
Total Volume

7 hr 14 min

Well Monday was awesome on many levels, partially because we are so close to moving and things are all falling into their respective places.  We had to go pick out a washer and dryer, not my ideal way to have to drop a chunk of change, but it was needed, especially to clean my workout clothes!  Whew!  I had been home earlier in the evening or late afternoon and nothing had been delivered, but when we got back, a large box from none other than Kestrel!  

My 4000 came in SUPER fast!  Holy cow.  Too bad I was exhausted and about got it out of the box and gave up on it.  The good thing is I still am able to bike while I am putting it together and getting it all ready to roll out.  I hope to have it built up in the next week or so, but some things are in the works.  I need a new ISM Adamo Saddle since it permitted me to do my first 2 hour bike ride inside on the trainer.  There is another *secret* part that will be going on the bike, but I cannot tell you more.  I am sorry!  It would not be a secret then!  It will probably end up getting pushed out a bit further than I would like with the move and a delay in one of the parts, but I am looking forward to getting this ride outside!

The workweek was a blur with a lot of issues going on.  I managed to get my workouts for the week in, but I missed my weekend long workouts, 1:10 run and 2:15 ride due to packing boxes.  I am super excited to move, but I know my workouts will be tough this week since I will be time crunched with the move.  

Look for some small updates and maybe a post here and there, but this week will be full of activities, I even had to write a schedule out in addition to my workout schedule to see how I can manage to squeeze everything into the hours available.

I have been slacking like crazy on keeping up with blogs.  I am able to keep somewhat of an eye on Twitter, but I feel very disconnected the past week.  My blog to-read list is growing hourly!  I am even disappointed that I have not been able to get in my Recovery Pump all that much even after an 11 mile run or a 2 hour ride! 

I saw on someone's facebook that Knoxville is only around 60 days away! Holy cow, I feel like I have a lot to build to before I a am "ready."  By ready I mean to perform how I want, not to complete the distance.  Although it will be my first Olympic distance, I want to see what my body is capable of pushing.  


Kristin Deaton March 14, 2011 at 7:44 AM  

I know I am excited to get mine back. Too bad I have to get a 'fit' before I can ride it. It will be my first time on my ISM saddle. Yahoo!!!

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