Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekly Ramblings - 2/28/2011

Another solid week.  Some hard efforts in the pool, testing week on the bike, and some hot runs.  Well the runs were hot in the sense of pace, not temperature.  My swim TT on Thursday got me out of my comfort zone and moving quickly in the water, something I am not used to, but it gave me a whole new perspective on hard workouts!  I think I really need to focus on form some more and maybe get some paddles to build my pull muscles.  My bike FTP has gone up again which shifts workouts, ones that were easier before are now taking some more effort.  Like Greg LeMond said, "It doesn't get easier, you just get faster"

Week 7 kicks off my Build phase.  Overall the first 6 weeks have gone well and I have seen gains.  I am a bit shocked that I am 1/3 of the way to Knoxville on this plan, but looking forward to the season kicking off. 

Week 6
Monday: S- 2200 Yards (40:27 Minutes)B- 14.69 Miles (51:06 minutes) - 20 Min FTP Test-238 Watts
Tuesday: R - 8.65 Miles (66:29 Minutes)
Wednesday: S - 2200 Yards (43:38 Minutes), B -16.11 Miles (56:26 Minutes) - 5 Min FTP Test-281 Watts
Thursday:  S - 1600 Yards (26:19 Minutes), R - 8.06 Miles (60 Minutes)
Friday: B -  20.61 Miles (71 Minutes)
Saturday: R - 11.04 Miles (93 Minutes)
Sunday:  B - 34.05 Miles (120 Minutes)

Swim Totals
6000 Yards
1 hr 50 min
Bike Totals
85.46 Miles
4 hr 58 min
Run Totals
27.75 Miles
3 hr 39 min
Total Volume

10 hr 27 min

I don't even remember much since I did not write this as the week went by, but it was a busy week.  Everything with the move is picking up speed, we got our place rented out in only a few short hours, and things are getting packed to move.  In addition to an awesome week training, I have been super busy at work, thankfully my workouts let me vent some of my stresses when I get home!  

This update is going to be real short since I cannot remember much, if it wasn't logged on a Garmin it is slipping my mind! 

I have been slacking like crazy on keeping up with blogs.  I am able to keep somewhat of an eye on Twitter, but I feel very disconnected the past week.  My blog to-read list is growing hourly!  I am even disappointed that I have not been able to get in my Recovery Pump all that much even after an 11 mile run or a 2 hour ride! 


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